Youth Development

Connecting the private, public and development sectors

Youth Employment is a major challenge in Africa

There are more youth joining the labor market yet there aren’t enough jobs available for them, in both the formal and informal sectors.

The informal sector accounts for a higher portion of jobs in Africa with new enterprises providing majority of the jobs that are generated.

Two-thirds of the enterprises fail within the 1st year

However, over 2 thirds of the enterprises fail within the 1st year, leading to job losses due to:

  1. Inadequate management skills
  2. Lack of certified technical skills
  3. The machinery required in the informal sector is unaffordable
  4. Insufficient start-up capital
  5. Limited working capital

Casameza in partnership with AJW Africa

Casameza has a dynamic program that seeks to link the private sector, the Government sector and the development sector, to promote jobs and wealth creation for the youth using the shared value initiative model

AJW works with corporations and development partners to create sustainable livelihoods within African communities. Solving socio-economic challenges together.

They design and execute Shared Value Programs on behalf of Local, International and Regional Banks, Corporates Donor Partners and other institutions seeking to create sustainable livelihoods in Africa, while realizing far reaching Business and Social Impact in varied sectors.

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